My Photography

Photo shoot (15/10/2022)

I was asked to be the photographer for an photo shoot. My sister needed an photographer for an school project.
It was an very fun day.

--All the pictures shown here are unedited

Vacation Sankt Martin, Germany (09/08/2022 -- 17/08/2022)

In August 2022 I went on vacation with my partner and their parents. It was a really fun vacation and we did quite some hiking, so i also had a lot of things and people to photograph.

--All the pictures shown here are unedited
To see all the photo's I made see my flickr album

I personally like this picture the most, I think it came out really well. The pose in the picture wasn't planned and neither was the picture, so thats also why i like it so much.

Urban Exploring (18/02/2022)

A good friend and I went exploring in an abandoned church in Eindhoven. It was a very rainy day that day, so that sucked a bit., but church looked really cool from the inside.  We also went into a space under the church, something of an ventilation room and/or electrical room.

--All the pictures shown here are unedited
This building has started renovations since end 2022/begin 2023. So it isn't possible to urbex here anymore.

This is my favorite picture I took that day, I really like rubber ducky's and this one was just sitting on the stairs. I also think that the picture came out really well.

This was the entrance to the church. It looked like an confession booth, so I'm guessing it is that.

First time urban exploring (28/12/2021)

This was the first time I went urban exploring with an camera with me. I went alone, the peace and quiet was really nice. This is where my hobby of photography started.
This building looks like some old small factory, and its very close tho Eindhoven Airport (around 800 meters)

--All the pictures shown here are unedited